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Door Prizes, Food, and More!

We love to show our appreciation for educators. That's why our conference is FREE and provides daily coffee and breakfast*, daily door prizes, and a complimentary celebratory lunch on our closing day. What's more, many of our workshops include take-aways, including books and 3D printers!
*Breakfast is not provided for the PreCon.


General Conference

Jul 31 - Aug 2, 2018

*Schedule is subject to change; check back for updates.

Also make sure to register for the Language Arts and Social Studies Conference taking place concurrently with the our conference at St. Edward's University!

PreCon (Full-day Sessions)

Jul 30th, 2018


St. Edward's University

John Brooks Williams Natural Science Center

3001 S Congress Ave,

Austin, TX 78704

*Schedule is subject to change; check back for updates.


The AISD Science + Mathematics X Conference is 4-day professional learning experience open and free to all PreK-12 science and mathematics educators in the Austin area. 2018 marks the fifth iteration of the conference, and we hope you will join us in making it our best one yet. The conference will feature over 100 interactive workshops that embed science and math instruction within the broader themes of Student Agency, Equity, Technology, Whole Child, and Literacy and Numeracy. Educators will also be invited to take advantage of our conference Xccelerator Rooms that provide the needed space and time for collaboration, reflection and implementation.

How do we design learning opportunities and environments to be inclusive and responsive to each student through reflection of our practice?

Student Agency

How do we release control and create opportunities for student voice, choice, and creativity?


How can we and our students use technology to create transformative learning opportunities that balance production and consumption and encourage collaboration?

Whole Child

How do we seamlessly support the social, emotional, and physical wellness of our students and foster community and environmental citizenship?


What are practical, easy-to-implement systems, strategies, and resources to support learning and accountability for each student?

Literacy & Numeracy

How do we improve and expand students’ abilities to critically interpret, analyze, evaluate, and author scientific and mathematical information?




Schedule of sessions will be posted in May.

Monday | PreCon

7:00 am | Doors Open  | Coffee


8:00 am - 4:00 pm* | Full-day Sessions Only | View Schedule

Tuesday |General Conference, Day 1

7:00 am | Doors Open


7:15 am - 8:45 am | Welcome Breakfast + Opening Keynote


9:00 am - 2:45 pm | General Sessions | Campus Share Fair | Exhibitors | View Schedule

Wednesday | General Conference, Day 2

8:00 am | Doors Open | Coffee + Breakfast Snacks


9:00 am - 2:45 pm | General Sessions | Campus Share Fair | Exhibitors | View Schedule

Thursday |General Conference, Day 3


8:00 am | Doors Open | Coffee + Breakfast Snacks

9:00 am - 11:15 am | General Sessions | View Schedule

11:15 am - 1:45 pm | Closing Celebratory Lunch + Closing Keynote

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm | All rooms open for work and collaboration time



John Brooks Williams

Natural Sciences Center

St. Edwards Univ.

3001 S Congress Ave,

Austin, TX 78704

Attendees must register their vehicle to park on campus. Attendees may park in green, gold, and yellow lots.

St. Edwards Univ.

3001 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704



2017 Sessions

Schedule of Sessions [PDF]

Schedule of Sessions [Online]

2017 Numbers

500+ Participants

30+ School Districts & Organizations

170+ Interactive Sessions

$17,000+ in Prizes & Give-aways





Do I need to register for ahead of time to attend individual sessions?

Preregistration is required only for full-day sessions during the PreCon on Monday, July 30th. Sessions during the general conference, July 31st - August 2nd, will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Do I need to check in?


No. Because this is a free conference, there are no badges or passes. However, if you want a printed program or need assistance, please visit the Information and Presenter Check-in Area outside JBWS 180.

Am I required to attend all days if I register? 


No. You are free to attend at your leisure.

How are CPE credits and pay calculated? (Applies to AISD teachers only)

CPE credits and pay are calculated based on recorded attendance during the conference. Teachers will be required to complete an online attendance form at the end of each day; you will also be asked to sign a paper attendance sheet for each session you attend. Teachers can earn up to 4.5  CPE credits each day of the general conference (2.25 for AM + 2.25 for PM) and between 5 and 7 CPE credits for attending a full-day session during the PreCon. Similarly, teachers can earn a total of 4.5 paid hours each day of the conference (2.25 for AM + 2.25 for PM) and between 5 and 7 paid hours for attending a full-day session during the Pre-Con. The scheduled pay rate for attending the conference is $15/hr.

How is credit awarded for Non-AISD attendees?

Non-AISD educators who attend the conference will record their attendance using an online form. Please also make sure to sign into each session. A certificate of attendance will be emailed 2-4 weeks after the conference indicating the total number of continuing education hours.

Can my attendance hours count towards learning exchange days? (Applies to AISD teachers only)

No. Teachers and other 187-day contracted employees will be paid to participate in this learning opportunity and therefore attendance hours cannot be counted towards learning exchange days.

What are learning exchange days?

Should I bring my own device?

Yes. Many of the sessions require the use of technology.

Will internet access be provided?

Yes. St. Edward's provides free WiFi access to all attendees.

Will you feed me?

We will provide coffee and breakfast snacks each morning of the general conference; help us be green by bringing your own mug or cup.  Lunch will be on your own for all days. We are attempting to secure funding to provide lunch one day for all attendees; stay tuned for updates. Attendees are welcome to dine at South Congress Market, featuring affordable fresh farm-to-table options and conveniently located on campus in the Ragsdale Center.

How do I know when and where I am presenting?

All presenters should have received an invite from "Sched", our conference management program, inviting them to edit their profile and view their scheduled sessions. Presenters can also visit the speaker page, click on their name, and view their session times and locations. Click here to view campus and building maps for the John Brooks Williams Natural Sciences Center.

Where should I check in when I arrive?

Please visit the Information and Presenter Check-in Area outside JBWS 180 to receive your welcome packet.

What technology and materials will be available in my room?

All rooms are equipped with a computer (open-access), projector and screen, speakers, and adapters to connect your own device (HDMI and VGA). Most rooms are also equipped with a document camera. Each room will also have a presenter kit that includes sticky notes, markers, glue or tape, and chart paper.

Can I upload and share my presentation?

Yes. When you log into Sched to view or edit your profile, you will have the option to upload a file.

Will internet access be provided?

Yes. St. Edward's provides free WiFi access to all attendees.

How many participants can I expect?

Attendance varies greatly by session and is difficult to predict. Click here to view room capacities and layouts.

Can I submit materials to be printed?

Yes. If you require printed handouts for your session, we can print them ahead of time and have them available for you at check in. Click here to submit a print request; please, no posters. Deadline for requests is Monday, July 23rd. 

Can I drop off or send materials ahead of time?

Yes. Presenters are welcome to drop off materials in their rooms ahead of time beginning Monday July 31 at 7:00 am. Rooms are locked nightly; however, we are not responsible for missing items. Presenters can also ship materials ahead of time to the following address: 


AISD Science & Health Resource Center

305 N Bluff Dr

Austin, TX 78745

Items should be shipped no later than Wednesday, July 18th. Presenters can pick up any shipped items at the Information and Presenter Check-in Area located outside JBWS 180. 

Will you feed me?

Yes. Presenters will be provided a meal voucher each day they present redeemable at the South Congress Market, featuring fresh farm-to-table options and conveniently located on campus in the Ragsdale Center. 



Thank You 2018 Participants! We'll See You Next Year!